Wedding Shehnai

While one part of the grand Indian wedding asks for extravagant music including western beats, the other longs for a soothing ambience for guests, especially during various rituals. Shiv Mohan Band can provide you with authentic classical Shehnai services for your wedding ceremonies. We have been working with clients for 50 years and have provided Shehnai players to thousands of clients.

Our team of Shehnai players is very experienced and talented. We understand that different people have different requirements from their Shehnai band and we cater to all kinds of services. Our players are trained and well versed with Indian classical music and can also play out newer number if you want to create a more modern environment for the wedding.

Creating an ambience
In a world where we are growing increasingly western in our life style, the Shehnai provides us with a welcome break that brings peace and calm during the wedding, which is what you want. Depending on the size of your guest list, we can provide as few and as many Shehnai players from our team. We choose players who have been using the instrument for many years and are experts at playing.

Our players from Shiv Mohan band do everything to fill the environment with calm classical Indian music and soothe everybody’s nerves. We immerse your guest in Indian melody, so that they can forget their troubles and enjoy the wedding as much as possible.
We can even combine different instruments with the Shehnai and add special effects to your classical music to give it a unique feel. Shiv Mohan Band’s Shehnai band is well known throughout Delhi and we have served many big weddings in the area. To learn more about our services and rates, please contact us by phone or by email. We can discuss your requirements and find the appropriate price range.