Wedding Horse

The wedding horse that the groom rides is often the most interesting part of the Indian wedding spectacle. You want a wedding horse that will do exactly what you want and not cause troubles. Fortunately, Shiv Mohan offers a beautiful wedding horse that is trained just for this purpose. We have been offering horses for many Indian weddings for many decades now.

Unless you want a specific horse, we usually provide a fully grown white mare. The mare is what is used normally for weddings, but we can just as well provide a male horse, if that is what you want. If you have special requirements, we can also order a horse of any other color. This usually costs a bit more, but it is still very affordable as we strive to achieve the lowest rates possible.

Decoration and attire
Many of our clients have different themes for their weddings and each has their own set of customs. Most of our customers want the horse to be decorated elaborately keeping in mind the importance of the occasion. The traditional costume for the horse is the most popular even for modern weddings, and this is the default option we provide when you hire a horse from Shiv Mohan.

As we mentioned, our wedding horses are very experienced and has taken part in thousands of weddings over the years. Therefore, the horse is very safe and reliable. In all these years, we have not had a single complaint in this regard and we are very proud of this record.

If you would like to book a wedding horse for your procession and celebrations, please contact Shiv Mohan for more details. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and show you our line of horses and mares. We are flexible with our dates, timings and prices.