Wedding Dhol

The wedding dhol is the most prominent part of the Indian wedding and it signifies the spirit and celebration of our culture. It is the ultimate form of expression for how we feel about such an important event in the bride and groom’s life. Shiv Mohan has been helping people make the best of this occasion by providing a first class wedding dhol service.

Since we began in 1963 as a small business, we have served thousands of clients, with the huge number of weddings each year. We are one of the biggest wedding dhol providers in New Delhi, especially the Karol Bagh area, where we are located. Our dhol services extend to all kinds of North Indian weddings and we specialize in Punjabi Dhol.

We offer a variety of dhol services according to your requirements. We do traditional dhol, Punjabi Dhol, modern disco and fusion. Our disco beats are especially popular with customers because we make you dance to all the latest Bollywood as well as western tunes. We play to songs in all languages and remixes, so you will always get the kind of music you want.

Our dhol services are very professional and we employ trained personnel in order to play bands. Our professionals play the wedding dhol as a full time, so they are experts in the business with many decades of experience. Whether you want a brass band or speaker with the most powerful bass, we can provide you with everything you need.

Most importantly, our wedding dhol services are some of the most affordable in Delhi, keeping in mind the quality we provide. We can provide you with a small team of dhol players or a large one with more than 50 players. Please contact Shiv Mohan for more details and to book our excellent dhol services, and get great deals as well.